Dr. Douglas Milner presents Porcelain Veneers.


We're dedicated to providing
state-of-the-art dentistry while giving you personalized attention in our relaxed, comfortable environment.

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Welcome to Fibonacci Smile where our pursuit of excellence in dentistry & all facets of client care is the measure of our success.

800px-FibonacciLocated in beautiful Wenatchee, Washington, we specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry including Veneers, Implant Dentistry, Whitening, along with General Dentistry while providing comprehensive, individualized care, one client at a time.

We believe that our clients come first and we are here to serve you with honesty and integrity while providing dentistry that looks, feels and functions beautifully. It is our goal to create an atmosphere that enhances building a lasting relationship with you.

We will listen, support and encourage you to achieve the level of oral health and the beautiful Fibonacci Smile that you desire.

A Fibonacci Smile is a lasting,
individualized expression of who you are.

Advancements in dentistry, technology and science allow us to assist our clients in retaining their teeth for their entire lives. By starting with a health-centered approach, followed by a thorough examination and diagnosis, we can individualize a treatment plan that will provide lasting beauty, comfort and function. We provide the final artist's touch by designing a smile that reflects your appearance and personality!

We invite you to discover what a Fibonacci Smile is
... a blend of Art, Science and You.