Fibonacci Smile

Comfort & Relaxation

We take the time to listen and understand your desires and how you feel. That, in and of itself, is reassuring.

Most everyone has some level of anxiety around visiting their dentist. It may range from slight uneasiness to a feeling so overwhelming that an individual cannot bring themselves to call for an appointment. These feelings are perfectly normal. Most fear can be traced to a bad experience. Sometimes the fear seems unexplainable.


  • Movies
  • Music DVDs
  • Paraffin hand dip
  • Blankets
  • Head and leg pillows
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Various beverages
  • Protein Shakes- for long procedures
  • Laughing Gas
  • Valium

Can our amenities help you to achieve relaxation?


Our office décor is designed to relax you. Our music is selected to put you at ease. You can bring your own music to listen to or movie to watch; or you can choose from our wide selection of music or movie choices, with headphones for you to use to mask or eliminate noise. Blankets and pillows are here for added comfort and you can have a hand paraffin dip to sooth and relax your skin. To finish your treatment we offer you a mouth rinse, lip moisturizer and a scented towel to refresh you. What else can we do to make you comfortable at Fibonacci Smile?

Anxiety Relief


We use modern techniques and equipment to assure your comfort. Many client’s greatest fear is of “shots.” We use a new Novocain delivery system called The Wand. It is the pressure of the fluid that causes discomfort in a dental injection. The Wand ensures that the pressure levels are comfortable and it allows us to use less anesthetic. Many clients don’t even realize they have had an injection. More dental applications are being discovered and perfected every day, paving the way for anxiety and pain free dental experiences. We pride ourselves in staying informed while implementing new dental techniques.

Our Promise

We want to assure you that we will never proceed with a procedure if you are uncomfortable. At the slightest communication of discomfort, we will stop and do what is necessary to make you comfortable. We care. It is our goal at Fibonacci Smile to make your dental experience an enjoyable one.

At Fibonacci Smile you can look forward to your dental experience.

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