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Our Philosophy

Comprehensive, Individualized Care...
One Client At A Time.

We come from an orientation of Preservation, Pleasure & Peace of Mind.

Typical health care model is disease centered and crisis oriented. Dentistry has done a wonderful job of adding prevention to this model, but dental examinations and treatment plans are still typically geared toward crisis management of disease and some pathology.
Pathology from occlusal disease is often ignored, or treated solely with a night guard.

Few dentists take the time to thoroughly understand their “patients” dreams, wants or goals for their teeth, and comprehensively evaluate and provide short and long term plans that will best insure Preservation, Pleasure and Peace of Mind.

Some dental practices have attempted to be “health centered” by providing adjunctive, non-dental services to their menu.

We consider ourselves to be part of a health centered lifestyle. We strive to do what we know best and are best trained to do, provide dental services.

We do treat disease as a necessary step toward health and wellness. We take care of people in crisis as a step toward Pleasure and Peace of Mind. In addition we provide short and long term individualized plans to maximize the possibilities of Preservation, Pleasure, and Peace of Mind. We are experts in providing cosmetic, restorative dental services. We can only do this in conjunction with a thorough understanding of what our clients want, a thorough evaluation of how they present, and short and long term plans that will bring about the clients dreams, wants and desires.

Excellence and quality are a given. We make NO compromises, we cut NO corners.

We have put together a team of dentists and health care professionals who share our values and can provide the full range of dental services at a World Class level, with Five Star Service.

Our Core Values

» Be grateful
» Think of others
» Crave learning
» Have fun

Our Three Pillars

» Comprehensive Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
» Exceptional, World Class Quality of Dentistry
» Exceptional Experience

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