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The Wand

Comfortable dental numbing with less anxiety

We’re fortunate to live on the right side of healthcare history. We enjoy the benefits of wide-ranging advancements and the promise of new breakthroughs every day.  As a result, dentistry continues to offer innovative solutions for comfortable, safe treatment.

For 150 years, dental anesthetic has helped deliver dental care. But most dentists still use the same type of syringe that’s been available for decades. But what if technology could make dental anesthetic easier and pain-free? The Wand provides a significant advancement that makes getting numb unlike any other method available today.

The Wand looks like a pen and fits Dr. Milner and Dr. Nelson’s hand much the same way. A microprocessor determines exactly how much anesthetic to administer, which it does at just the right speed. Most of the discomfort associated with shots result from the rate of flow pushing into the gum tissue. By measuring the resistance in the tissue and adjusting the flow, small drops of numbing liquid trickle into the area around your tooth. We’re even able to numb just one tooth, leaving normal sensation in your face, tongue, and lips!  

With The Wand, you’ll discover:

  • More comfortable numbing procedures

  • A small hand-held device that looks like a pen

  • Precise numbing of your tooth…not your face, lips and tongue

  • Smaller amounts of anesthetic in your system

We look forward to introducing you to the best experience in dentistry. The magic of The Wand sets the tone for exceptional care at Fibonacci Smile!

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